7 Podcasts to Inspire, Delight, and Inform

Sep 27, 2017 | Jessica P. Ogilvie

The ridiculous abundance and availability of podcasts means you can pretty much hone your cooking, comedy, or business skills anywhere your ears work. These podcasts offer advice, inspiration, and also LOLZ, all equally important for sanity purposes! Tune in, sit back, and enjoy.

”The Accidental Creative”

This podcast isn’t targeted toward freelancers or small business owners, but the advice is invaluable nonetheless. With topics like “The Art of Radical Candor” and “Avoiding the Hustle Trap” host Todd Henry tackles issues that any creative knows all too well. Henry delves into thoughtful questions, offering insight about harnessing creativity and applying it in a meaningful way.

”Introvert Entrepreneur”

Beth Buelow envisions a world in which everyone sees their so-called weaknesses as strengths — and through this podcast, she demonstrates that that’s the world we already live in. With topics like going outside your comfort zone, mental detoxing through journaling, and what it means to be a “multipotentialite,” Introvert Entrepreneur offers unusual and highly creative advice that applies to both the introverts and the extroverts among us.

”The Tim Ferriss Show”

ICYMI, Tim Ferriss is the dude who came up with The 4 Hour Workweek. Even if you haven’t read that, you can probably imagine that Ferris has some ingenious tips and tricks for productivity, new technology, and proficiency that will help you manage your time, projects, and clients. Plus, his guests are on point, from Vince Vaughn and Whitney Cummings to Tony Robbins and Dr. Philip Zimbardo.

”Smart Passive Income”

Pat Flynn’s light-hearted and engaging podcast offers advice that you probably need. Covering fringe hours to work-life balance to avoiding “the slimy sell” to running a business as a couple, he offers tried-and-true tales of what has gone well for people and what has gone poorly. He doesn’t call himself “the crash test dummy of online business” for nothing.

”This is Your Life”

Michael Hyatt’s hugely popular show is about leadership: the successes, the challenges, and everything in between. Hyatt will help you navigate everything from leading while on vacation to avoiding bad hires to why it pays to be inaccessible. A must-listen for those new to the leadership role, and who want to excel at it.

”Social Triggers Insider”

Derek Halpern’s podcast deals with the “why” behind successful businesses and entrepreneurs. How? By delving into human psychology. Business leaders must understand how people think, and Halpern brings on guests like Ivy League professor Jonah Berger and New York Times bestselling author Adam Grant to help listeners do just that.


Grown out of Behance’s international network for the creative community, this podcast features interviews with artists, creatives, and thinkers about how they work best. This is a great place to go for inspiration if you’re feeling stuck, or just need a new angle through which to view your own creative process.