5 Types of Home-Office Design to Amaze and Inspire

Nov 16, 2017 | Jessica Ogilvie

Maybe you read our post about getting over the shame of your hot mess of a desk, and maybe you took our suggestions, and maybe now you’re feeling ready to create your own Instagram-worthy home office. Congrats! We’re very excited for you and thrilled to be part of this journey. To help you along the way, we’ve selected some of the best recent #homeoffice posts from Instagram as inspiration. Take a look, and then put your own spin on it:

Inspired, Yet Reserved

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If you’re gonna go the inspirational-messages route, take a page out of @_focanaoab’s book and choose your messages wisely. Paired with the Polaroids and white space, it’s just enough to keep you inspired without being overwhelmed.

Minimal is Maximal

If you don’t have a ton of space, keep it simple. A minimalist look like that of @alchemy_within_designs is streamlined and relaxing, and it really does keep your head clear as you’re carving out your own personal corner of the house.


Home offices don’t have to be frilly and girly. They can be hard and truck-driving and dude-like, too, like this one from @ornatointeriores. Gray, black, and wood accomplishes this in one manly swoop.

Own the Monochrome

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But I mean, if you are gonna go pink, you might as well really go pink. @smsoniamenezes shows us how.

It’s Still the Internet, After All

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@all.of.jules reminds us that there’s inspo, and then there’s reality.