Modern Business Banking

Feb 17, 2015 | Brian Merritt & Ryan Hildebrand

We’d like to introduce ourselves and give you a hint of what’s to come. We started Seed with a singular motivation — to help business owners thrive. As frustrated bank customers ourselves, we saw firsthand how much time and money was being wasted by business owners working with existing banks.

By using dated, one-size-fits-all platforms that employ poor technology while providing frustrating customer service, traditional banks create unnecessary headaches for even simple tasks. Meanwhile, innovative businesses have few options when seeking to automate and integrate banking into their business. We believe the business community deserves better, so we’re building the world’s best, most efficient business banking service.

In the old days, community bankers were also members of the business community with an understanding of the local dynamics that enabled them to help their customers as a true partner.

Community banking has failed to keep up with advancing technology and consolidation in the banking industry, meaning that business owners can no longer rely on their local banks to help them thrive. We believe that using technology, service, and design, Seed can deliver the true promise of a community bank.

Seed will offer modern, efficient, and secure mobile and web applications for online banking, so you can effortlessly manage your business wherever you are.

no fees

Zero domestic transaction fees, low cost international payments.

To help you stop wasting your time when you should be running your business, we’ll support all of the core business banking services you need, all available online without any cumbersome paperwork or processes. To save you money, we offer free domestic wire transfers, free ACH transactions, free check sending, and low-cost international payments.

In addition, we’ll provide a platform that enables seamless integration with your other business services and a marketplace offering competitive lending, credit, and insurance products from a community of providers.

rich notifications

Our API allows for unlimited customization and rich notifications.

To start, today we’ve launched the world’s first business banking API, giving those businesses that want to build their own banking tools the power to do so. Check it out here:

As we go forward, everything we do will be oriented around what is best for you; the business owner. What motivates us to take on the challenge of banking is the opportunity we have to help save you time, money, and gain an advantage. The less time you spend banking, the more time you have to focus on building your dream.

We feel that small businesses are the cornerstone of our economy, and the engine that will drive innovation, jobs, and prosperity for us all. We’re honored to be able to serve our community by providing a better banking service.

We hope that you’ll join us.