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What is Seed?

Seed is a banking service for small businesses, designed for the way modern businesses work. We offer an account and Visa® Business Debit Card, plus we give you tools right inside your account to help you easily manage your business's finances. With accounting, expense tracking, and more at your fingertips, you'll be able to spend less time managing your money and more time running your business.

Your Seed account comes equipped with powerful tools to manage your business's funds, including:

Bill payment

Bill payment provides you with the ability to send electronic or paper checks from your account, no stamps required! Electronic payments are received by your vendors within a few business days.

Mobile check deposit

Our app lets you deposit a check by simply snapping a picture.

Electronic Transfers

Also known as ACH transfers. You can easily send money electronically to and from your personal account, or your other business accounts, in about 3 business days.

Domestic Wire Transfers

Need to send money faster? Get it there within a few hours. (Note: There's a $25 fee for each outgoing domestic wire. We don't charge for incoming domestic wires.)


You can get cash from any ATM with the PULSE®, NYCE®, STAR® or Plus® Mark.

Debit Cards

Each account holder will receive a Visa® Business Debit card.

FDIC insured business account

Your money is backed by the federal government (up to $250,000).

Who can use Seed?

Seed can support almost any small business that is currently registered and operating in the US! We provide you with a business checking account, plus the accounting and tracking tools you need to effectively manage your business's finances. A quick note, though: as we're mobile-only, we might not be the best choice for cash-heavy businesses. Cash can only be deposited by using it to purchase a money order or cashier's check, then using photo check deposit.

How much does it cost?

Seed costs $9 per month is now FREE! This includes everything except a $25 fee for each outgoing domestic wire. We don't charge for incoming domestic wires.

Do I need an iPhone to use Seed?

Yes. Right now Seed runs on iPhones with iOS 9.0 or higher, on iPhone 5 or newer.

Why do you need a photo of my ID?

We photograph your ID in order to confirm your identity as required by federal law. The verification process is the same as opening an account in a branch, where they ask for your Driver's License (ID Card), Passport, or Military ID. We don't run any credit checks during the verification process, so your credit score will not be impacted by opening a bank account with Seed.

Are you a lender?

Currently we are not a lender, but we'd like to offer lending services in the future for our members.

What is the difference between Seed and Mint/QB/etc.?

The key difference between Seed and Mint/Quickbooks/other financial/accounting software providers is that Seed directly partners with a FDIC-insured bank, which enables our members to open a business account for initiating transactions and managing payments, including bill payment and business debit card services.

Can we have multiple users?

Yes! You can have up to four authorized account owners/signers with full access. We don't currently offer read-only access for accountants and others, but we plan to build this feature.

Will Seed work with PayPal, Square, Venmo, or other similar services?

Yep! Just connect Seed to these services the way you would any other bank account.

Does Seed offer interest-bearing accounts?

We don't pay interest on the accounts. We're always looking to add new products for our members, though.

Do I get a checkbook?

Our system doesn't work well with paper checks—you can use our Bill Pay service to send out payments, so they'll get recorded in your ledger. We don't currently plan to offer a checkbook.

How do you deal with cash?

To be honest with you, we aren't the best banking service for businesses who deal in high volumes of cash. If your business only handles cash occasionally (or if you're a cash-only business and don't mind extra work!), you can always maintain an account at a bank with a physical branch for deposit and transfer the money to Seed. Or, you can use cash to buy a USPS money order, then use our photo check deposit to deposit it.

How do I deposit funds if you don't have any physical locations?

You'll never have to drive to a bank again! You can use our remote deposit feature to deposit checks; electronic transfer to fund from another bank; or you can use a wire transfer.

How secure is Seed?

Seed uses industry-standard, bank-level encryption.

Is Seed available outside of the US?

Sorry, we're only serving US businesses operating in the US only. Account holders are required to be US residents with a Social Security number. We would love to serve the international market in the future, and we'll keep you posted when that happens.