|Seed is joining Cross River Bank!


Digital Onboarding for Banks

Turn applicants into account holders in less than 5 minutes

Automated, secure, and compliant

The Seed onboarding and review process has built-in auto-decisioning, OFAC screening, and support for FinCEN’s upcoming ultimate beneficiary ownership.

Streamlined application flow

  • 81% completion rate

  • Completed in as few as 3 minutes

The quick and easy application process is a result of iterative development, based on user data and applicant feedback.

Multi-platform support

Onboarding is available for both iOS and the web. With completion syncing, your applicants can start on one platform and pick up where they left off on the other.


Using the web or mobile app, an individual or business can apply for a bank account in less than 5 minutes.


Applicant data is automatically run through OFAC screening and delivered to your account management system for review.


A decision is made and a bank account is opened.