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Meet Our Team

Founded by Brian Merritt and Ryan Hildebrand, former executives at consumer banking startup Simple, we at Seed are dedicated to building a banking service with modern technology, extraordinary service, and fair pricing. We’re motivated by our passion for supporting business owners and innovators who deserve a better banking experience.

Brian Merritt
Co-founder and CEO

Co-founder and CEO of Seed. Previously, was the VP of Engineering at Simple. Prior to Simple Brian held leadership and engineering positions at Gap, Sony, and Topsy.More about Brian ›

Ryan Hildebrand

Over 10 years in mix of Startups and Banking. Past VP of Finance at Simple, Demandforce, and Strands. Umpqua Bank. Ex-CPA. Ryan also spent 2 years traveling the world and has a meditation studio.More about Ryan ›

LeAnne Hoang

Former regulator. Previously held CCO and AML officer positions at startups. Loves running, kickboxing, traveling, and working with people who support innovation.More about LeAnne ›

Melissa Geyer

Previously led Customer Relations at Simple. Passionate about improving products by building teams that support customers directly and focus on metric-based, internal product feedback.More about Melissa ›

Klaas Pieter Annema
Software Engineer

Previously built a nationwide mobile provider at Karma. Avid runner and baby wearer. Not simultaneously. More about Klaas Pieter ›

John Cai
Software Engineer

Previously distributed systems engineer with Sendgrid. Loves working with APIs and data. Cooks and eats Chinese food.More about John ›

Thy Dang
Customer Experience & Support

Creative problem solver and lover of Pandas. Known to play Counter-Strike in competitions, trade cryptocurrencies, and race her Subaru BRZ.More about Thy ›

Adele Dewey-Lopez
Lead Engineer

Researched number theory at Emory. Loves her two kitties! Fascinated by organic chemistry. Really good at Just Dance 3.More about Adele ›

Lexie Farrell
Customer Experience & Support

Supportive customer service advocate who loves solving underlying problems and anticipating needs. Enjoys yarn, books, beer, and cats.More about Lexie ›

Brenna Frizzell
Customer Experience & Support

Professional problem solver, bringing compassion to tough talks. Enjoys Illustration, vegan cooking, gardening, and cats.More about Brenna ›

Josh Holloran

Arbiter of fonts, food, fashion, and fixies. Enjoys making the complex feel simple.More about Josh ›

Estella Perez
Risk Manager

A passionate fraud fighter. Estella brings over 10 years of online banking fraud experience from positions held at both Startups and Financial Institutions.More about Estella ›

Brandon Reynolds
Director of Content

Editor and writer. Writes about fires and fan fiction. Likes good walks with bad dogs.More about Brandon ›

Benji Schwartz-Gilbert
Director of Engineering

Previously built payment & eCommerce systems at Tableau. Fan of automation, distributed systems, dev ops, star wars, and caffeine. Brews some pretty okay beer in his free time.More about Benji ›

Louis Vera
Team Lead, Mobile

Pioneer of the flash sale at Gilt. Accidental historian of mobile platforms. Enjoys running, cooking, and talking politics over wine.More about Louis ›

We’re always on the lookout for kind and talented people to join the team.

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